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That is an awesome range! Hope to hear more soon and see where you go with your own ranges :)

I adore your smaug, joker and shedder hahaha awesome stuff for sure! Would love to see how you can pull off some higher pitched voices too. Those would be awesome too I'm sure.

Lovely rendition, gives me tingles. It sort of suits it honestly <3

I actually like this version more since I am not a big fan of the hatsune miku voice or the vocaloid program overall. (though if vocaloid was used, I think that the Gakupo or Kaito perhaps). will hold this off to the side in case, if you don't mind a cover for this version of the intro (mostly if I get the time to actually record haha)

I'll admit that I was actually thinking about backing out at the beginning of the song. I often will give anything I listen to another minute or so to decide if I like it or not. (Not that it was bad, just it wasn't my preference for classical at first). I'm glad I stuck around and gave this piece that chance since it turned into something that filled me up and I enjoyed thoroughly :) It's definitely muse inspiring.

DanJohansen responds:

Hi man, glad you ended up enjoying it, I do a wide variety of styles, I always expect people who like some of the stuff I do to dislike other stuff, most bands and artist tend to stick to one style which gives them stable feedback. I like to be in total freedom though and do exactly what my soul tells me to.

Again thanks man, glad you stopped by!

It kind of makes me want to sing lyrics to it or something, but it's also beautiful without words. So conflicting! Looking forward to hearing more! :) It brings me into a lull dream-like place of nostalgia. Pain, bitter sweetness, somber joy, budding love, freedom.

DanJohansen responds:

Awesome review, I enjoyed reading that a lot... glad you like it.
It could have vocals I suppose, it might be a bit inviting in that aspect.

I just came xD

PirateCrab responds:

You need some tissue for your man sauce? I've got plenty, it's a common problem! ;)

I definitely love the feel of it. I may end up wanting to use this as one of the bgm's for my radio drama. I'll of course let you know when it's used and will credit accordingly :) Keep up the awesome work!

AliceMako responds:

Be my guest, thanks for listening.

sooo saaad! great turn out though, love it :)

that was way awesome :D I can't wait to hear how the next one comes out

I've undergone HRT after 2015, so anything before that does not reflect my current vocal range, however I wished to keep them to showcase past clips and projects.
I also create digital art and minor very amateur animations.

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