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I just need to watch this again while high, but damn this animation and the variety in it is great!

Very cute and fun animation, good voice work, and the artwork is very eye catching over all. The pacing felt a little slow but that's more of a personal preference if anything. Great work!

Man, dem lips! <3
this was funny as hell, great voice, music and animation all really smooth and incredibly alluring!

I can't favorite this enough. I wish I could. Even it just being stickmen, the work and animation is so amazingly smooth and awe inspiring. I've literally watched this a dozen times over, as well as linked it to all my friends to an obnoxious level. It's quite inspiring with things I do, but all in all it's just one amazing as fuck animation to watch again and again.

I hope you create more soon :D
you definitely deserve more than some 5th place thing, this is gorgeous!

Some of the sound on DA was super loud an I have my browser volume turned way down, but the movement of the elf in the cave was phenomenal. I'd suggest trying to offer a volume bar with the animations if you know how to. There could be some continued progress done to a few other moments here and there, mainly the wyverns. The people had good movement more, but still another addition with many great improvements and I look forward to the next one and even more personal development in turn :D
Keep it up!

littlegoblet responds:

oh ok buddy I should look into that. yeah I still struggle with getting the balance of sound just right. lol yup those wyverns where abit stiff weren't they. Thanx for your encouragement buddy I really appreciate it :D

haha woo!! go moonvamp! ;P

This is a great apocolypse concept. It's so hot that in order to live you need special sutis to regulate your body temperatures, but because of the heat there is hardly any sustainable form of hydration... aka all the waters just about evaporated. That's how it looks to me, and whether I'm spot on or not, it's still a very done animation that tells a very realistic story. The man obviously doesn't want any trouble, perhaps for both of their protection, or at least the little one's own protection, so he hands the water over without a fight. However the little one won't have it and thinks it's unfair, just like any child would. They try to stand up to the lumbering giant to get the water back. Said giant ends up tripping over a broken piece of asphalt in an attempt to turn to face the child before falling and cracking his mask. This in turn gives the child a chance to grab the water as she deems it wasteful, before departing. Not before the giant regains himself and stands again, realizes his mask is cracked and the water is missing.
This obviously sends him into a bit of a rage before the heat of the planet leaks through his mask and erupts within the suit. What I think happens is that it's more than just his eye on fire, but that he's literally cooking alive inside his own suit because of the vacuum of said heat and his own body temperature. Making him chase her in an even greater need to get the water. The smaller adult thankfully acts to save the child however and thus the two survive another day.

I have to give this 5 stars and favorite it, I enjoy this sort of story so much, one that gets my mind to telling it at various angles even if there isn't any dialogue. I hope to find some more like this :) Keep it up!

haha funny as shit. this is why I don't talk at all when i'm playing anything online. it's either people blabbing your ears off or guys being needlessly prickish, no joke lol
it's much much quieter when people don't know i'm a chick tbh so I never announce that shit

This cracked me up in general and on a personal level. While I do think that soem credit should be given to those that step into office, The last few presidents have just been terrible, starting back with clinton and even before him all of our presidents have all made mistakes, terrible mistakes.

I've my personal opinions on what I think should happen or stay in place to reassure the US thrives, but as we all know opinions are like dicks... just cause ya got one, doesn't mean people wanna see it.
The humor was tasteful, the vo was nice on the ears and the animation was generally well done as well. The style wasn't my particular favored, but it wasn't chaotic an choppy, which is the main concern. Keep up the good work :)

ADASport responds:

Thanks for such a profound review!

There was a lot that was awesome about this. Really enjoyed it quite thoroughly, however I'd have to give it a 4.5 due to the fact that some just really weren't too terribly humorous. Major props to the flow of animations mixed with some TF2, Portal an other sound bits, added to the genre :)

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